Art in the Library

The Duluth Public Library is proud to partner with area organizations to exhibit diverse and culturally representative art from our region. Diversity recognizes the complex differences and similarities in points of view, identities, life experiences, attitudes, and personalities among individuals within our institution and community. Library staff is developing relationships with artists and organizations to exhibit their artwork. Please see the library art policy for more information.

Current Exhibit


Visual Art Class Projects
A collaboration with CHOICE, unlimited; various artists
January 2020 – April 2020
Located at the Main Library, second floor, Computer Center

Exhibit Description

This show demonstrates a sampling of student work from various projects in the last year of visual art classes at CHOICE, unlimited. In the sessions represented students worked with a variety of materials to explore themes and techniques using shape and color. In some of the work, viewers may find inspirations from Franz Marc, color used to represent emotions, simple shapes used to map out complex forms, and the aesthetic power of repetition in shape. We hope you enjoy!

About the Organization

CHOICE, unlimited is a community-based private non-profit organization in Duluth, Minnesota. We are dedicated to supporting adults with disabilities and individuals who are experiencing barriers to employment and community inclusion.
The CHOICE, unlimited ARTS Program’s mission is to give the people CHOICE, unlimited serves as well as the broader community creative outlets and platforms for self-expression, personal growth, and an opportunity to educate the public to the incredible possibilities all individuals possess.

The CHOICE, unlimited ARTS Program offers:

  • Avenues to Explore Artistic and Expressive Needs
    The program provides activities and experiences that encourage creativity, independent thinking, relationship building, confidence, and self-motivation.
  • Professionally Taught Classes in a Variety of Art Mediums
    Classes include Studio Visual Arts, Photography, Movement and Dance, Theatre Arts, Music, and Creative Writing. or visit us on Facebook at