St. Louis County Death Certificate Index

This is an index to death certificates filed in St. Louis County, Minnesota, 1870-2000. Included in the index is name, date of death, certificate number, and a location/comments column.

Death certificates are located at the St. Louis County Recorder’s office. Information on obtaining these records for genealogy requests can be found on the St. Louis County website.

Search Tips

  • Cut down large results sets by adding information – for example, the range of years the death could possibly have occurred.
  • If you’re not finding your person, try making the search less specific – eliminate the middle name, broaden the date of death, search “Starts With,” using fewer letters (for example, Anders vs Anderson).
  • If you’re unsure of the exact spelling of the name, type in as much as you’re sure of as a “Starts With” search. (For example, “Starts With” search for “Anders” will bring back “Andersen,”  “Anderson,” and “Andersson.”)
  • You can reorganize a result set by clicking on any column header.
  • Sometimes a person was commonly known by their middle name. If you’re not finding your person, you may want to try the first name in the Middle Name field, or even, as a last resort, in the Comments field.
  • Click on the  below for tips on a specific search field.

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