Bundles of Adult Materials


Too busy to browse the library catalog? Want to discover new authors or ideas? Enjoy an element of surprise? Fill out this form and... BAM!: Our librarians will select up to 5 titles that match your interests. If you would like, your 5 titles can include a mix of books, audiobooks, graphic novels, movies and CDs.

It may take up to 4 business days to have the items ready for you. You will be notified when your books are ready, and then you can pick them up at the Main Library or one of our branches. 

For patrons who have already used BAM!, please understand that we may occasionally send a duplicate title since we do not have access to your reading history. To avoid duplicate titles, feel free to note titles or authors you do not want to receive when you fill out the BAM! form.

Can choose more than one

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