Toys to Checkout


  • Toys are checked out for four weeks.
  • Toys may be renewed for one week, as long as no one is waiting for the toy.
  • Toys may be renewed through your online account, by calling the automated Telecirc systems at 218-730-4200/option 2 or by calling Circulation at 218-730-4200/option 3 or Youth Services at 218-730-4200/option 4.
  • Please have your library card and the toy number (T-___, found somewhere on the toy) available.


  • Toys may be returned to any of the Duluth Public Library locations or Arrowhead Library System Library.
  • Toys must arrive at the Main Library on or before the due date in order to avoid being returned late. This should be taken into account if you are returning the toys to a branch location or Arrowhead Library System Library.
  • Large toys should be returned to the Main Library due to storage and transportation issues.
  • Please do not return toys in the bookdrops.


  • Bags will be provided with a toy and must be returned with the toy.
  • Charges will be assessed for damaged toys and for lost parts, based on the price of the toy and its continued usability. Toys returned with missing pieces will remain checked out to you. You will be responsible for any charges for missing pieces.
  • Puzzles returned with missing pieces will be charged the full replacement cost of the toy.
  • Charges will not exceed the cost of the toy.


  • Toys may be requested online, by calling 218-730-4200/option 4, or by asking Youth Services staff. You will be notified when a requested toy is available for you to pick up.
  • Requested toys may be picked up at the Main Library's Youth Services desk, at the Mount Royal Branch Library, or West Duluth Branch Library.
  • Toys may not be requested for a specific date.
  • You may have 20 toys checked out at one time.

Please note that not all toys are suitable for all children. The Library does not guarantee that toys will be germ-free. The Library reserves the right to suspend toy borrowing privileges.


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The toy collection was updated with a grant from
the Duluth Legacy Endowment Fund.