Memory Kits

Memory kits are for people with dementia, memory loss, or cognitive impairment. They are intended to stimulate conversation or reminiscence with a person with cognitive issues.

Our kits include a collection of resources and items that allow users an opportunity to engage in conversation about their life experiences.

What's in a Memory Kit?

  • Interactive activity (such as a puzzle, bingo, games, or conversation cards)
  • CD with soothing or memory-sparking music
  • Book with colorful illustrations created for people with memory loss
  • Caregiver's Guide to Dementia by Laura Gitlin
  • Tip sheet and booklist 

Types of Memory Kits

  • 5 kits for Early Stage Dementia - Green Bag
  • 6 kits for Mid-Stage Dementia - Red Bags
  • 1 kit for Late Stage Dementia - Blue Bag

How it works:

  • 4 week checkout - 2 renewals
  • Kits may be reserved
  • Kits may be picked up and returned at any Duluth Public Library location
  • Kits may be interlibrary loaned by Arrowhead Library System cardholders

Memory Kit Press Coverage


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