Social Stories

Social stories are learning tools that share social information with a person in a respectful and positive way, usually surrounding an idea, expectations of others, and strategies to try while engaging in everyday life events such as a trip to the library.

The Duluth Public Library and Minnesota Masonic Children’s Clinic for Communication Disorders have collaborated to create these resources in an effort to help all individuals to successfully access the many opportunities, services, and materials the Duluth Public Library has to offer.

Social stories for the Main Library and West Duluth locations are being developed. They will be added to this page when completed.

Mount Royal Branch Library

There are two stories that feature the Mount Royal Branch Library. You can read the social stories on this page or download them onto your device for printing and offline access.


Mount Royal Social Story

The Social Story is a thorough visual and written explanation of the opportunities at the Mount Royal Branch Library.

Download the Complete Social Story PDF here


Mount Royal Simple Social Story

The Simple Social Story has many of the same pictures but is designed for children with simpler language.

Download the Simple Social Story PDF here


Mount Royal Customizable Schedule

The Customizable Schedule allows a caregiver to create a visual schedule for the Mount Royal Branch Library to include only what will happen for that visit. You can cut apart the pictures and put them in the order you want to show your child what you are going to do at the library.

Download the Customizable Schedule PDF here


An appreciative thank you to Tamara Pogin, Speech and Language Pathologist, for her efforts with this project. Additionally, thank you to Minnesota Masonic Children’s Clinic for Communication Disorders for this partnership and the resources available as a result of the collaboration.