Art Exhibit Policy

Artists and exhibitors must consider that the viewing audience will include all ages, levels of sophistication, backgrounds, and personal tastes when judging the appropriateness of their particular exhibit for the public library. In accordance with the American Library Association’s Bill of Rights, exhibits will not be excluded because of the origin, background or views of those contributing to their creation, nor removed because of partisan or doctrinal disapproval.

Conditions of Exhibition:

  1. At this time, unsolicited requests to exhibit will not be accepted. Library staff will invite artists to display their work.
  2. The library may promote the exhibit in printed materials, on the webpage, or on the Library’s social media accounts. Additional publicity is the responsibility of the artist.
  3. The library may give priority to art that celebrates diversity and fosters greater inclusion of traditionally marginalized artists.
  4. The library may work with other organizations to coordinate art displays.
  5. Library staff will determine the location for all exhibits.
  6. Artists are responsible for hanging/arranging exhibits in library buildings using the picture rail system provided by the library. City of Duluth staff may assist with hanging and removing select, long-term pieces and use alternative display methods. Artists are responsible for providing related signage. Artists are responsible for the provision of labels, hanging and arranging artwork, and the delivery and retrieval of artwork to and from the library.
  7. The Duluth Public Library assumes no responsibility for loss, damage, or destruction of items while in transit, while on display, during the set-up or take-down, or temporary storage of the exhibit. All items brought to and placed in the library are done so at the owner’s risk.
  8. All exhibit pieces will remain for the duration of the exhibit period. Each display will remain in place for a mutually agreed upon time. No display will remain in place indefinitely.
  9. A small tag with the artist's name and contact information is permitted. Prices may not be displayed on the artwork. The library is not involved in any way in the sale of items on display.
  10. The Duluth Public Library's policy concerning challenged materials will be followed should complaints about an exhibit or display be received by the library.
  11. The duration of an exhibit will be determined by the Art Exhibit Coordinators, based on the availability of exhibit space and other events scheduled in the Library. Only the artist, the Art Exhibit Coordinators, or authorized representatives with written permission will be permitted to remove the artwork from the Library or the exhibit space. Should the artist not remove the artwork at the conclusion of the exhibit, the Art Exhibit Coordinators reserve the right to remove the artwork from the exhibit space. For long-term displays, an artist may after a year request to have the piece taken down, with a preferred minimum of four weeks’ notice so city staff can schedule the removal. Any donated art becomes the property of the Library and falls under the terms of the “Gift Policy”. Library staff will be solely responsible for all decisions made regarding the removal and/or disposal of donations.


Reconsideration of Art Exhibit

Individuals may request reconsideration of a library art exhibit by filling out a written "Statement of Concern" form, available at any Duluth Public Library location. The library manager will respond in writing to an individual's written request.

The Duluth Public Library Board, upon request, will hear appeals of the manager's written response. Appeals must be presented in writing to the library board at least ten days in advance of the next regularly scheduled meeting of the board. Decisions on appeals are based on careful review of the objection, the resource, and DPL policies, including this policy, the Library Bill of Rights, Library-Initiated Programs and Displays as a Resource, and the American Library Association's guidelines on intellectual freedom. The final decision on appeals rests with the Duluth Public Library Board.


The Duluth Public Library’s policies are subject to change without notice.


                                                                                                                                Adopted February 28, 2023

                                                                                                                                Duluth Public Library Board