Internet Use Policy

Due to the changing nature of computer services, policies are subject to change without notice, at the Library's discretion.

Helping people connect with the digital world is a core service of the Duluth Public Library. In order to provide this service, the Library allows people of all ages access to the internet on Library computers and on their own personal devices via a public wireless connection. The Library meets the federal requirements for filtering the internet as mandated by the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). This policy, along with filtering on all library workstations and non-library equipment accessing the internet, will be used to make internet use at the Library as safe and enjoyable as possible.

The Library does not accept responsibility for any information found on the internet. Internet resources are not selected or reviewed by library staff, therefore users may occasionally encounter material online that they may find false or inappropriate. The filtering software used by the Library is not infallible. Library users must exercise their own judgment when using the internet.

Library users 17 or older may request unfiltered access to the internet on library workstations. Staff may ask for photo identification to verify age in compliance with CIPA.

All internet use at the Library is subject to the following requirements and guidelines.

The Library expects its users to use the internet responsibly, and to respect the rights of others. When using the internet at the Library the following is not allowed:

1. Violating federal, state or local laws and regulations, including those governing obscenity, child pornography, and materials harmful to minors.
2. Violating copyright laws and database license agreement.
3. Displaying or printing graphics or text that may reasonably be considered obscene or harmful to minors.
4. Engaging in any activity that is deliberately offensive or creates an intimidating, disruptive, or hostile environment for library users or library staff.
5. Invading the privacy of individuals.
6. Gaining unauthorized access to resources or entities by so-called “hacking.”
7. Altering or disrupting equipment or library system performance.

Children’s Use of the Internet:
A child’s use of the internet in the library is the responsibility of that child’s parent or guardian. Parents or guardians are encouraged to learn about safe use of the internet and develop rules for their children regarding sharing of personal information using email, social networking, and chat sites.

Please Remember:
• Use of the Library’s internet connection is not guaranteed to be private. The Library may be required to provide information about your library activities, including internet use, to law enforcement authorities.
• The Library is not responsible for the availability or content of web sites other than the Library’s own web site.
• The Library is not responsible for damages to equipment or data on a user’s personal computer resulting from web sites accessed or from software or data downloaded using the Library’s internet connection.
• The Library is not responsible for security breaches of a user’s data or personal accounts. If you access your personal financial accounts, for example, you do so at your own risk. Do not store your work on a library computer’s hard drive.

Failure to follow the rules and guidelines outlined in this policy may result in the loss of internet privileges at the Library.

The Duluth Public Library’s policies are subject to change without notice.


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Adopted January 26, 2016
Duluth Public Library Board