Meeting Room Policy

Duluth Public Library Meeting Room Policy

The Duluth Public Library offers meeting rooms at the Main Library for individuals, community organizations and businesses that wish to provide a forum for learning, creativity, and engagement.  Meeting space at the Mt. Royal Branch Library is available for library programs only.  Meeting rooms adjacent to the West Duluth Branch Library at City Center West must be booked through the Evergreen Senior Center.

Requirements for Use of Meeting Rooms

  1. Admission cannot be charged for meetings or events at the Duluth Public Library.  The library’s meeting rooms are not available for sales or fundraising.  Exceptions may be made for programs or sales conducted by the Friends of the Duluth Public Library and the Duluth Library Foundation.  Sale of materials directly related to library sponsored programs (for example, books for sale at an author visit) may be allowed at the discretion of the Library Manager.
  2. The library always has first priority to schedule use of the facilities for its own programs and events. 
  3. Groups are responsible for bringing their own supplies.  The library does not provide refreshments, supplies, or equipment for meetings.  There is no public kitchen in the library building.
  4. Chairs and tables are available in the meeting rooms for meeting organizers to set up as they need; however, no furniture or equipment is provided for groups using the plaza space.  The meeting rooms must be left in a clean and orderly condition. Damage is the responsibility of the meeting room user.
  5. The library is a public building.  Smoking is allowed only outdoors in designated areas.  Alcoholic beverages may not be dispensed or consumed on library grounds unless express permission is granted by the Library Manager and all applicable city requirements are met.
  6. All groups using the meeting rooms must abide by the Appropriate Library Behavior Policy.  Please be respectful of all library patrons and staff when in the library.
  7. Use of the library meeting rooms does not constitute library endorsement of the philosophies, practices or viewpoints of the meeting participants.

Reservation Information

  1. Meetings sponsored by City of Duluth departments, community groups, and government and nonprofit organizations are free of charge.  All other groups and anyone using the room for a private event must pay the rental fees. Fees have been approved by the Duluth City Council.
  2. Meetings inside the building must take place during the library's open hours, and groups should end their meetings at least 15 minutes before closing. Meetings in the Conference Room may not last beyond 5:00 p.m., and the Conference Room is not available on Saturdays.
  3. The library reserves the right to cancel use of the meeting rooms in the event the library needs to close due to inclement weather or an emergency.


The Duluth Public Library's policies are subject to change without notice.

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 Adopted February 28, 2017
Duluth Public Library Board