Behavior Policy

The library is a public place shared by many. Everyone who uses the Duluth Public Library has a personal responsibility to ensure that it is a welcoming environment for all.

Library patrons are expected to:

Be courteous, considerate and understanding of other patrons and staff.
Examples of conduct that would violate this principle include:
• Shouting, swearing, running and roughhousing.
• Bringing non-service animals into the library. Service animals are defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act as a dog that has been trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of a person with a disability.
• Sleeping and/or snoring in the library or on library grounds in a manner that impedes other people’s use of the library.
• Leaving children under the age of eight or vulnerable adults unsupervised or unattended. Adults may use the children’s or teen areas if accompanied by a child or teen, or if using the library’s juvenile collection.
• Leaving personal items unattended.
• Engaging in sexual and/or obscene acts in the library or on library grounds.
• Making threats against or abuse of library patrons or staff. This includes verbal abuse and nonverbal intimidation or harassment including, but not limited to, stalking; online, cell phone or computer harassment; or language that is obscene or harassing.
• Interfering with others’ use of the library by blocking free passage, soliciting, or exhibiting offensive odor including excessive scent or fragrance.
• Bringing in or consuming alcoholic beverages or controlled substances on library grounds, or being under the influence in a manner that causes a public disturbance.
• Violating the Duluth Public Library’s Internet Use Policy.
• Failing to wear shirt and shoes.
• Bringing bicycles into the library. Strollers and wheeled vehicles required for mobility are allowed.
• Skateboarding, skating or using a scooter on library grounds.

Respect the property of the library and the property of others.
Examples of conduct that would violate this principle include:
• Stealing, defacing, damaging or destroying library property.
• Using library fixtures or furnishings in a manner that is inconsistent with customary use.
• Consuming food or drink that creates a nuisance because of odor, garbage or spills. Food is not allowed at the library’s desktop computers. Covered drinks are permitted at the adult services computers.

Keep in mind that different areas of the library have different levels of activity and noise.
Examples of conduct that would violate this principle include:
• Conversation or use of personal electronic equipment at a volume that that is disruptive or exceeds the noise level designation for the area.

Abide by all applicable local, state, and federal policies and/or laws.

Library staff has the responsibility to follow the Duluth Public Library’s behavior policy enforcement guidelines when enforcing this policy. People who fail to follow library policies may be trespassed from the library.

The City of Duluth will not tolerate discriminatory behavior by or toward any city employee or visitors to city property. Discriminatory behavior includes inappropriate remarks about or conduct related to individuals’ race, color, creed, religion, national origin, disability, gender, marital status, age, sexual orientation, or status with regard to public assistance. Violent behavior includes the use of physical force, harassment, intimidation, or threat of the same. Harassment includes a pattern of words or conduct that a reasonable person would find abusive. Offensive behavior includes words or conduct that a reasonable person would find reprehensible.

The Duluth Public Library’s policies are subject to change without notice.

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Adopted February 27, 2018
Duluth Public Library Board