Reserves & Data Privacy

Duluth Public Library Policy:

The person picking up reserved materials on behalf of another patron must present ID showing that they reside at the same address AND must have:

  • the patron's library card   OR
  • their own library card

If parents share custody of a minor child, we will place both parents' names and addresses in the registration file and allow either parent to pick up reserved materials.


Other Procedures/Safety Measures:

  • When we leave a message on an answering machine or voice mail, we will not specify title information. We will leave a phone number so the patron can call us.
  • When we mail a reserve postcard, we will place it in a windowed envelope so the title is not visible.
  • If a patron requests that reserved materials be released only to the patron, we will add a block/notice to the patron's registration file.
  • When we become aware that a family, friend or caregiver is picking up material on behalf of a homebound library user, we will ask that user to provide written permission for us to give their material to another person.


MN Statute Chpt. 13:40
Subd. 2(b) Private Data: library borrowers
"A library may release reserved materials to a family member or other person who resides with a library patron and who is picking up the materials on behalf of the patron. A patron may request that reserved materials be released only to the patron."


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Approved August 8, 2000
Duluth Public Library Board